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Inception: The Soundscape

Credit: Composer

Details: Hans wanted the audience to remain within the Inception dreamscape with they as they left the LA Inception Premiere. In order to achieve this I put together a 40 minute soundscape designed to surround the audience as they followed the mirrored walkway from the Gaumans Chinese Theatre in Hollywood to the nearby aftershow reception.

The soundscape comprised of ambience from the movie, together with a few well chosen FX from Inception sound designer Richard King. It's always been an ambition of mine to produce an art installation work and in an odd twist this became exactly that but on a grand scale. The interior of the venue became a vast projection screen, filled with images from the movie, while the soundscape provided a backdrop, sometimes subliminal, occasionally dramatic, to the live performance by trio Les Zazous fronted by Hans's 'Piaf' Tera Hendrickson who played prior to Hans's live show.

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